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The hoop bubble fairies
Claire Wickes & Zelda de Hollander

Curious forest formations
Acro Yoga Bournemouth

Wolf boy
Idris Wetherall-Goodliffe

Nimble sling nimph
Hannah Downing 

Hoop guardian and tour guide
Fern Goodliffe

First half

Multiverse of the Wolf and The Red
Getting lost and exploring the multiverses of their existence...who is the wolf and who is the red?
Acro yoga bournemouth. 

Red riding hood
Red Riding hood and the wolf, the hunt continues into the air.
Siobhan Ferns & Reece Brown

Baba Yaga
  Baba yaga and her chicken legged puppet arrive in the forest to tempt wrong doers into a bargain.
Ellen Paver & Rhea Miller

A reflection of evil
Obsessed with her appearance, the Queen can't stop looking at herself. She's so vain she carries a magic mirror, expecting it to constantly reaffirm her beauty. Tired of the Queen's vanity, the magic mirror shatters all of the rest of the mirrors in the palace, turning them on the Queen and killing her.
Sherri Swann

Thorns & Silence
After a witch curses six brothers and turns them into swans, their sister is the only one who can transform them back into men...provided she can weave six shirts from nettles and drape them over their necks at the same time, all while remaining completely silent during the entire task. She loves her brothers dearly, but can she avoid succumbing to madness as a result of the silence and the pain?
Jenn Durrett

Maleficent: the fall of evil
Maleficent has become twisted after spending too much time in her tower alone. Enraged by everyone else's happiness, she casts an evil spell, only to turn it on herself and fall to her death.
Catherine Scudmore

Mermaid’s Trade
After gliding through the glistening waves, wanting to see the world above the surface, The Little Mermaid trades her voice to Ursula, and discovers walking isn’t as easy as it seems…
Freya Forester

Sleeping Beauty
After falling asleep in the forest, Beauty wakes up under a pile of autumn leaves. She enjoys exploring the forest but on entering the world outside she finds it more frightening than she anticipated. On reflections, she decides it's best to just go back to sleep!
Nikki Bates


Second half

The Beast Within Beauty

Beauty's blissful existence is shattered by the Beast. After shooting him, sad and remorseful, she descends into madness. 

Sophie Anderson

A Tale Beyond Stereotypes

Not your average “damsel in distress, in a dress”. Gretel is a symbol of empowerment, the hero of her own story and takes control of the ability to shape her own fate, shattering stereotypes in the process. No Prince Charming rescue required.

Jen Moore

Pied Piper

Resentful after being forced to help the villagers against their will, Piper is vengeful and takes charge the narrative. 

Thalia Warren

The Willful Child

In the cold, dank earth lies the body of a child, long buried by her parents. Unaware she's died, every night she claws through the earth trying to escape her tomb. Her hands break free but the dawn light always forces her back. After many nights of fighting her fate, she eventually succumbs to the earth, exhausted and spent.

Sophie Sherwood

Fairest of them all

In her never ending pursuit of perfection to be the fairest of them all - how far is she willing to go?

Fran Drake

Snow White and the poisoned apple

Snow white encounters her evil seemingly kind step-mother on an adventure in the forest. Graciously accepting a gift of an apple, snow white takes a bit. Poison seeping through her veins, she falls. Luckily the fall dislodges the apple and she is able to rise again. Although initially confused, she arises undefeated and stronger than ever.

Sabrina Ringer

Harmony of the roses

Snow White and Rose Red, sisters who love each other in a very mad world.

Gemma Rattew & Amanda Gate


Creative Director - Emily Garrod-Cox

Producer - Sarah Phillips 

Riggers - Sam Cox, Reece Brown, Siobhan Ferns, Ben Ferns, Mike Beckingham, Alec Shephard

Bar Staff - Becca Evans, Ebony Cursely

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